Speaking Truth

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The older i get, the harder it is to talk about the things nobody wants to talk hear.  When I was younger, I would just blurt it out, uncontrollably, in any situation no matter how untactful or rash.  It was unstoppable, the truth HAD to come out and I wasn’t one to stop it.  It was an exciting rush to let the truth unfurl with all it’s wrath.  But just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s nice.

These days, I’ve had to learn the hard way how to bite my tongue for the well being of everyone, but especially myself.  A sense of protection in a world where nobody wants to hear the truth, they just want to live happily ever after in their oblivion.  It’s not that I can ignore the truth… it always stares you blindly in the eye, bright as white, unable to look away as it slowly destroys your vision to a blurry hue.  The truth still sticks out like the elephant in the room.  The same one everyone refuses to talk about, but we all know it’s there.  Truth is a funny thing.  Relative.  Variable.  Depending on which side of the line you are on, the results change.  How do we know if something is true?  I am writing my truth now, but it may disagree with your truth.  Does the truth meet in the middle somewhere?
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Matt Diamond Photography
MUAH: Mandy 

What’s UP Kansas City ?

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How ya’ll doing?  Really, I’m curious… TELL ME please in the comments below.  What do YOU have going on that’s worth noting?

I thought I would check in and say HI!  Real talk.  I’ve had my pulse on you for a while now, KC, and we’re just getting started!  As I’m gearing up for another Spring and Summer of enlightenment, I’ve been hibernating and feeling out the calm before the storm.

There are some wonderful things coming up in KC, and I wanted to fill all you loyal bloggers in; so take out your calendar and write down anything that seems interesting!  I’d love to see you out and about, painting the town whatever color you like, naturally.

First I’m working on recording a new album!  It should be out by late Spring; Title and release date coming soon!  Special thanks to Little Class Records!

2/25 Will be another fantastic feature poetry reading, brought to you by Nightlife Jones and MissConception, also featuring the illustrious Cheri Lou Woods.  Be at the Arts Bar (3611 Broadway) pre-open mic on Wednesday, February 25th for a special feature that will BLOW YOU AWAY.  Feature 8-9, open mic 9-11, always free, donations always welcome!

Dr Seuss’s birthday bash is happening on Monday evening, March 2nd at the Uptown Arts Bar 6:30 p.m.  Come and celebrate the life and poetry of Dr Seuss with myself and some other local poets!  AND this one the donations go towards a good cause, Community LINC.  

Save the Date for the screening of the documentary I produced titled “The Hellraiser”.   When a man (who happens to be my Grandfather!) decided he needed to call the Pope one day years ago, the impossible happened.  Suddenly, an ordinary lawyer found himself in not so ordinary positions.  Meet Sid Willens, civic activist and lawyer representing the underdog in many cases and platforms.  Sid has developed strategic tactics and systematic flow charts to accomplish what maybe would call the impossible, and he’s not afraid to share with the public the methods he uses to succeed.   Essentially, the film is about activism and how to make systematic change as an individual in this discriminatory system.

Please join your community on Thursday, April 2nd, 7:00 p.m. at the Uptown Arts Bar for a screening and discussion over the movie “The Hellraiser”.  Doors are at 7:00 p.m., followed by the film screening and a discussion panel from 8-8:30 consisting of Sid Willens, Al Brooks and Rabbi Mark Levin.  Other organizations will be there representing social justice actions happening today, including Ida B Wellls, The American Friends Services Committee and more.   Details coming soon!

Worth Noting: I’ve recently taken a job with The Kelly Gallery working on weddings and graphic design (two of my loves), so if you need all things wedding, SEND ME A MESSAGE at sara.serendip@gmail.com!  I want to help you!

Performance wise, I’ll be featuring at a TED TALK event in Lawrence March 23rd, performing at a MyArts KC Open Mic for youth in KC on March 27th, and doing a Burlesque show for adults on March 28th (hello busking burlesque poetry schtick)!
I am THRILLED to be collaborating with Matt Diamond for our multi-venue production of the Rhythm Rhyme and Blues Series… we’ll be heading to Lawrence, Liberty, St Joe (and of course KC) in April!  As one of his newest additions to the IMagery brand, great collaborations are to come!
I’ve got a weekly hula hoop class starting at City in Motion on April 1st!

Luckily enough, i’ll be working with KC Young Audiences and the American Friends Services Committee for the “How to Change the World through Spoken Word” workshops, working with youth in Kansas City teaching them about spoken word and performance!   What an honor.

And lastly, dare I remind you of my one true love, Wakarusa?  If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, please get them NOW while they are affordable, and come share this incredible experience with me!  There is no place like Wakarusa…. no place like OM.

We all have a lot going on.  Pick what you love and STICK WITH IT.  Keep lists.  Keep calendars.  Throw away that which doesn’t serve you any longer.  Think ahead.  Be proactive.  And do it with LOVE.  You can always check my website www.themissconception.com for upcoming events and music, and please help contribute to my vision by spreading the word, when it matters to you!

As always, thanks for reading!

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Poetics: Life Sentences

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Life Sentences
Oh the bridges we burn when we speak out of turn….
There’s something to be said for the right timing of looking people in the eye.  Turn too fast or slow and you’ll miss the hello goodbye.
I was never one to be gun shy, and yes I’ve…
Done onto one what’s been done unto me.
walked away from love and made it look easy.
But no matter which side of the crawl you are on
both hearts still hurt even after they are done.
Nothing like knowing what you want, but not being able to have it
doing all the extra credit just so someone else can snag it
Allowing another to take all the wood you just collected
Putting all the pieces in the puzzle just to find out it’s defective
I wish…. that I could catch my tears, freeze them and make them into something beautiful.  An ice sculpture, to be proud of…. yes, that was my pain, and yes, it can become beautiful again.  It just takes time and focus and maybe a sharp knife to slice away the splinters that don’t belong.  I would give it to you.  So that you could hold my cold-hearted tears in  your hands and feel them disappear between your fingers.  You don’t deserve to keep them anyways.
I just want to could crawl into my hole on the dancefloor and dig it deep
Man made. Giving total permission to dance the night away freak out uninhibited.
Make it our mission to listen to the beat, as children we tap tap our feet.
sound times heat measuring history.
I wish I could tell you where it all began, and how it’s come to be, this mystery but there are no words to set us free so I guess it best to sweat heavy and let the dance floor be.
I want to represent my flag…
wear it on my arm like swag
proudly rep pressed with finesse
wear my share, on my vest … I digress hold it in,
instead of letting honor spin itself out into thin air,
with an oblivious grin like anyone really cares,
what i think of our governments affairs,
you got a better idea under there?
who’s ass needs covering up most?
Scared sometimes I get lost when I think of all the ghosts that haunt our past for a cause.  keeping it on the down low just because.  it’s a fascism statement.  and you can bet your spiderwebbed basement hasn’t seen the last of these revelations because the end is not a option.  life is written into the soft spot on our chest.. you can bet someone so on lock can’t be taken away to peacefully rest, so instead of wearing my flag on my sweater vest, i’ll put it away and let time test.
I wish you could see how big my heart is… I’ve worn it on my sleeve for years and now I’m seeing that may not be the safest place to keep it

Action Peace Party

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So I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a new political/social party…

Call it: APP, the Action Peace Party.

Action: Any – Change – To – Improve – Our  – Nation

Peace: People – Everywhere -Always – Created – Equality

Party: Political – Activists  – Radically – Tolerating – You

We are calling for a new system.  A new way of operating.  Where nobody is punished yet respect is demanded of all.  If you don’t follow common golden rules and a bill of kindness, you will be forced to be exiled (maybe in Texas!?)  Neighborhoods and cities will design basic laws of operation.  And good quality food will be PROVIDED to every citizen.What we stand for:

Organic and HEALTHY food for all
Education for all
Healthcare for all
A cap on net worth
Basic Shelter provided for all
Suggested 2 children per family
Dismissal of inflation
Products sold for what they are worth
Increase of the minimum wage in the USA
Complete access to medical and physical resources and information as needed.It is time to take a good look at our brothers and sisters, foreign and near, and to treat each other like humanity.  Noody has to agree or abide by any of these rules.  Just, consider them. Consider what the world would look like if we all believed in each other, supported each other, collaborated with each other.

My rational brain says, we need to call a meeting with the head figures of the United State, the 13 grandmothers of our Tribes, the Illuminaty families and the head bankers of this world, the leaders of every country who wishes to participate, every country we are at war with, the role models of our time, the legends, like Alex Grey and Amma, and gather them all in one space..  The great minds of our time could attempt a unitation to consider out how we’re going to make this work.  No more war.  We’re going to put a cap on how much money someone really needs to survive (lavishly) and then take what is left over from those at that cap, and distribute it according to need.  Pay off the debts.  Everyone in the community would contribute to congress duty at some point.  The presidency would be a team of people who govern and lead and SUPPORT the people.  Call it the Grey House instead of the white house.  And no, this is not going to be easy.  It’s not going to be fun.  There will have to be a whole lot of trust. Conservation and preservation are key.  But somebody has got to do it, and nobody is leaving that meeting until everyone decides on these key decisions, some still to be determined.  You hear me?

It’s so big….but it does seem doable in my simple mind.  It should be doable, right?  We are chemical and energetic system of energy… we should be able to figure out how to run in unison with other systems.  To master this evolution.  To encompass our true beings.  To be fed and nurtured and honest and radically creative. To UNDERSTAND each other and all that we surround.  We are God’s now.  Operating at God’s speed.  Use your telepathy to gather information and play your cards wisely.  And for god’s sake, be careful what you wish for.  As always, what do you think?

Information on time in the new calendar:



Cold Hearted Bitches….

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     I’m turning into a real cold hearted bitch these days…. (It’s becoming on me!)  Deciding to be more and more selfish, putting myself first and taking MY needs more seriously.  Sue me now, or forever hold your peace, eh?
     Reasoning? For starters, it’s dark and cold outside.  Most strikingly, I’ve lost more friends this last month to drama and nonsense than I care to admit.  So many people more recently-than-not have disappeared from my life, for the better or worse.  I’m becoming increasingly more afraid to get close to people any longer… The closer you are, the more others can hurt you.  People who I’ve trusted with my whole heart have turned around and stabbed me in the back (it happens to everyone, I know)…  It feels like everybody I know is either getting engaged or wants to die….no joke.  No wonder people hate the holidays so much.  But the single most reason I’ve become such a cold hearted bitch, is that I am disappointed in myself.
     I’m beginning to think we have all become so afraid to let people see who we truly are, mistakes and all, that we shut down when things get difficult, in order to avoid our true colors being ran up the flagpole.  “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you can’t have me at my best” has become a mantra.  “But please don’t tell anybody about my worst…” we say.  Shouldn’t we be proud of our actions?  No more twiddling our thumbs.  No more burying our heads in the sand!
     I’ve been told the earth’s energy is cleansing itself. (Hello New Moon Solstice!)  Removing that which doesn’t support our highest good.  Not allowing any more toxic energy to invade our privacy. But still, it hurts to lose a friend, no matter how big or small.  Some people you’ve cared about for years… others merely a passing the wind.
     So why do we hurt each other?  Why do we continue to punish the people closest to us?  Ironically the action that tends to hurt others the most is SILENCE.  At least if we’re yelling you know that you feel something real.  But ignorance is not bliss when it comes to emotional trysts.  Forgiveness is bliss in this case.  At this time, I am trying to forgive myself for all of the mistakes I’ve made personally; all of the passive aggressive snippy comments that could have gone without saying… I am taking responsibility for my past actions that I am not proud of and dealing with my karma.  Avoiding it is not working.  I will look my ego in the mirror and clean it up.
     I’ve tried hard in this life to be a peace keeper.  To not stir the pot (too much).  To let sleeping dogs lie.  To avoid conflict and confrontation… and I can’t help but feel STIFLED.   SO many times on Facebook (or in real life) I’ve wanted to say the thing that would snappily wake someone up to a different perspective, but I’ve bitten my tongue for the sake of friendship.  Let it go.  Overlooked informalities as to not ripple the waters.  There’s already enough conflict, why add to it?
     I look at Iggy Azaela, and other “pop stars” and famous people who are choosing to (or choosing not to) use their mouth-pieces to bring about messages to the larger population.  When you look at what it is Iggy is actually saying, I see her stirring the pot for the SAKE of stirring the pot, not giving a FUCK about what anybody else things.  And while she may not necessarily be wrong or right (and I think she is both wrong and right in many aspects), at least she’s saying something.  And in return, she’s being chastised with much anger.  Is it worth it?  Why do people always have to pick a fight!
     The reality is that there are always two sides to every coin and story.  We are all right in our truth and our falses.  We are ALL convicts of our own egos, and sometimes you just CAN’T suppress it any longer.   Better out than in they say….
     True peace comes when you find acceptance and cultivate understanding.  Acceptance for the policeman AND for the boy who was shot.  Acceptance for the Jews AND Palestinians.  Acceptance for your friend who’s wronged you AND for yourself for feeling wronged.
     We can stand around wasting time pointing fingers…. “he did this to me and then I told so-and-so- and now he’s mad at me because I talked shit but he doesn’t know that I know that she talked shit first” BLA BLA BLA …  OR we can take some fucking responsibility for our OWN actions.  YOU know what you did deep down to wrong someone or not.  You also know what you’ve done to poison yourself.  You can make all the excuses and justifications in the world about reasons WHY you did what you did, but until you get REAL honest with yourself about learning and growing from your past and shedding the ego’s presence, we will never find true happiness on this earth.
     I had a friend recently who offered to make me some music for my upcoming CD.  They have been a dear friend for more than 15 years, and are a magical talented musician and artist.  I have nothing but respect for their work, and after years of talking collaboration, I was so excited to finally have something tangible with this person to present to the world.  After sending them my ideas for a song, and not hearing anything back, I wasn’t even concerned.  I happened upon their soundcloud to fall asleep to their beautiful melodies one night, and I heard my song CONCEPT coming out of their mouth, if that makes sense.  No, they did not steal my words, no they did not steal my melody, but they did take my idea and produced it without a word of collaboration.  And I was sad.   I took this information and calmly asked them WHY?  Why would you do this to someone you love and cherish?  Why wouldn’t you WANT to do it together?  It could have been a kick-ass number one hit, but fuck it, now!!    The answer I got was not one of mutual understanding, and what happened afterward is not even worth sharing…. other than this was one of several circumstances lately where I’ve had to let someone who I love very much go, after much anger and sadness came to light.
     I still cannot fully understand it.  I only know that the universe works in strange and powerful ways.  I can only stand strong in my truth and my own forgiveness and strength, in hopes of some day better understanding why all of this pain and fear is surfacing now.
     I do know, that I am no longer willing to DIM MY OWN LIGHT so that others my shine.  That is not fair to my spirit.  Still with humility, of course, I will dance and sing my heart whole again and again to my open heart’s content.  I will allow my body to be a clean vessel for the divine to come through and do great work.
     I am choosing to use this solstice as a time to better myself FULLY.  To release that which doesn’t serve my health and wholeness.  Less sugar.  Less intoxicants.  Less wasted time.  Less anger.  Less harboring.  Less distractions.  In doing this, my friend and love of my life taught (the infamous Ruckus) has me a very valuable lesson to not necessarily give up something, but to replacing it with something else.  More fruits and vegetables. More yoga and exercise. More time with family and people who encourage me to be the best version of me.  More soul seeking spirituality.  More sweat lodges.  More meditations and rituals.  More radical HONESTY. Move giving.  More reading and learning.  More intention and focus on visualizing the future.  I’ve been told we are powerful creatures and can manifest anything into our lives if we are clear enough.
     No more putting off tomorrow what can be done today.  No more “I’ll start my resolution on New Year’s Day”.  Life starts TODAY.  And if I mess up and don’t succeed right away, I’ve got this little gift of forgiveness in my back pocket ready for an immune booster at any moment.
     SELF LOVE.  Self care.  Self reliance.  Meditate on it.  And let me know what you find, always!
     In good health and good-standing moving forward,

“Young at heart but an old soul

Timeless Mindless out of control.”
– MissC-


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intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, death, or great change.

It’s felt a lot like a heart infection, lately.

The last weeks have been filled with awe and horror. Just around every corner something different pulls at my heart strings. More and more I hear people asking for help… still even more, denying they need it. Confusion… sorrow… pain fills the air and tension swirls about. Two high school girls committed suicide last weekend in Olathe. An email came from a good friend telling me something she “thought I needed to know”, and it wasn’t pretty. I’ve become terrified of the cold weather. Life really feels like it keeps getting more and more difficult…hopeless… and the plot thickens. And the world turns. And here we are…

We’re in America for God’s sake! Still living in a world where marriage may or may not be sanctioned depending on what ground you stand. Where plants may or may not be legit. Where politicians know nothing about the people they are governing and somebody is always paying for someone else’s mistakes.

So much unhappiness. So much anger. So much confusion.

And yes there is still joy…. but why do we tend to remember the bad things more vividly?

You know that feeling when you started something…

and then somebody takes it away from you…

Loving somebody so much you suffocate them.

Having no voice.

Having a voice

And not being able to use it.

Having a voice and being misunderstood.

Watching the movie alone that you were supposed to watch together.

Watching the news




In a Crowd. In a city. Full of people.

Being the butt of a joke

Everyone looking and laughing,

Even if it’s just inside your own head.

It still hurts. It’s still REAL.

It hurts like hell to love someone… it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do unconditionally.

I’ve found loneliness is the number one cause of emotional suffering. Despite our gadgets to keep us together, we’re all more isolated than ever. iThink it’s more comfortable to iTune everyone out. It’s never before crossed my mind that some problems can’t be fixed. Lately, the jaded truth tastes more bitter than I care to admit.

“If you move fast enough nobody will see your flaws”, so I tend to keep busy. Make plans. Schedule the calendar. Something to look forward to. Always looking ahead. Where is the next best thing? Nirvana is just on the horizon, now if I could just get over this hill… ok, maybe not quite so fast. The closer you get to the top, the farther the way down becomes.

Speaking of Nirvana, I’ve recently become fascinated by Kurt Cobain. Grasping widely for inspiration, I picked up a copy of his journal, and what a trip to be given a glimpse to someone’s mind such as this lead singer icon. Highly creative. Highly tortured.

Tis the portrait of the artist to paint the fortune of the heartless, and he painted it well. Without much reason other than it’s what has to be done. Ani Difranco says “Art is why we get up in the morning…but my definition ends there, you know it doesn’t seem fair that I’m living for something I can’t even define…and there you are right there in the meantime”.

Safe to say, Kurt Cobain and THIS SONG by Laydeefish have saved my life this week. Sometimes it’s about finding that one thing that speaks to you and holding on. When you get to the end of your rope, they say to tie a knot and cope… only to have to untangle it all again later. Is that what we do as humans? Create messy dramas for ourselves to clean up in order to keep occupied? Is this what we’ve come to? A roller coaster ride gone off the tracks… delving into the throes of ecstatic evolution one suicide at a time? Trapped inside our own minds.

Ozark Mountain Dare Devils say “To get to heaven, you have to raise a little hell”

Hell has been raised, and as we look towards our Nirvana… what IS it that we want? What environment do YOU want to live in? How much love do you want to embody? What is our narrative of self love? How much kindness can you show yourself? What is your life plan and how are you executing it?


The End of an Era

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“If we weren’t tortured, we wouldn’t be artists”

… this statement just came to me recently. Pairing it with at all the boldest cliches, it’s easy to say that change is a HARD, inevitable and, dare I say, a good thing?

All things change. The more they change the more they tend to remain the same…. “to every thing there is a season”… yet we still remain terrified of the unknown. Safe in our comfort zones, I am once again reminded that pushing the envelope never comes without the growing pains of life. And while nobody really WANTS to grow up, there is something awfully seductive about feeling confident, competent and on top of your game.

Recently, I have made one of the most difficult decisions in my artist career; to shut down a physical portion of a very large, tangible project I have been working on for years. The illustrious “Vibe Tribe” will no longer be operating as an art studio on 55th and Troost. At this point, It is something that I sadly, must let go.

WHY, the people ask me with a hope in their wide eyes of salvation, “WHY would you do such a thing to such a positive institution?” And the answer to that is multi-faceted, to say the least….

For perspective: Pre-Vibe Tribe, a bunch of local artists worked a brief stint with a rascally collective arts troupe The Wonderful Travels of Mr. 9 Starring community members: Brian Maloney (Mr 9 himself), Madame Magic, Chumsey the Clown, Chad Mustard, Ziggy the Hoop Dancer, Surka Noelle, Harmony Lovellution and more, we donned an incredible office space just above the Coffee Wonk on 35 and Broadway. Crumbling almost as fast as we combined forces, the collective arts space/workshop/recording studio/sewing studio/flop-house disintegrated before it could ever grow roots. It ended tragically, and from it bore Dumptruck Butterlips and the VibeTribe of KC, amongst other projects. We hit the ground running!

Officially deeming ourselves the “Vibe Tribe” in 2011, we gained momentum after our first large-scale event, Kanrocksas, at the KS Speedway. I made a brick-ton of business cards, and it felt legit. And we had FUN! Performing at all kinds of regional music festivals (Wakarusa) and local Kansas City events, we were ravers, we were hippies, we were rockstars, and we were loving it.

In October of 2012, we took over 5504 Troost in the heart of Kansas City. Our landlord, a huge supporter of the arts and Vibe Tribe, asked me what I needed to take a step forward with this project. Recalling past performance spaces (Mr 9, Yosh’s Loft, Emerald City‘s Artmosphere and Ubuntu being of the most influential), I requested a SPACE, in which to store all this STUFF we were accumulating, and to have meetings and workshops and classes. We needed a center of operations, a home base, a club-house, and like magic the Vibe Tribe came to life on Troost. It was glorious in concept, but to be honest, it wasn’t all pretty.

The building needed work, and we ourselves needed defining. Many meetings and work days surpassed before we officially opened for business in the Spring of 2013, hosting dance and flow arts classes, parties, events, workshops and other means of productive entertainment. The official purpose of the Vibe Tribe was to always be raising the vibration, individually and collectively. To always be bettering ourselves through creative mediums, be it in music, dance, costuming, set design or other visual arts. Being an artist is a life style, and working together collectively should synergistically raise us all to be the best we can be. Sue me, I’m an optimist; I know I already lost half of you.

The intention of the Vibe Tribe was also to be all inclusive, radical self sustainability and radically creativity. To build the bridge across Troost is an important concept to me. We ran ourselves as donation based, encouraging people to “get involved” in whatever way they saw fit. Show up and donate $5 at yoga. If you can’t afford to pay, come sweep the floors before, or take a stack of fliers and pass them out on your block. Whatever you contribution is, own it. Nobody was to be turned away for lack of funds, and that I was very adamant about.

As the leader of this communal project, I wore (too) many hats, promoting, producing, organizing, as well as keeping up with the basic cleaning, working the door at events, all the while teaching and performing weekly, all on top of my “real” jobs (yes, I’m used to being spread thin).

Giving credit where credit is due, many people involved did step up to help. Some people have paid yearly or monthly dues. Others run events and continue to teach classes. One person anonymously donated a fire pitt and mop bucket for the studio, and it was the nicest thing anybody could have done. But as the years have gone by, I’ve begun to struggle with commitment, essentially. That of my own, and that of the others’ involved. Herding cats is never an easy task…

For perspective, almost no member of the Vibe Tribe who was there in the beginning is still with us. People come and go so quickly. I’ve often pondered “what’s wrong with this project that people leave it so easily?” The answer is parallel to asking “what is wrong with humanity?” The Vibe Tribe is a perfect metaphor for real life… where all of these different types of energies come together and some mesh well, and some don’t.

In short, the concept was viable, but not sustainable in the long run. For every good person willing to help get their hands dirty, there is another making the space even more filthy and unfit for survival. For every person willing to give $50 in dues, there is another stealing the same amount in equipment or energy. The drama alone costed more than I can afford to admit. They say balance is the key to the universe…. and by all means, I’ve learned that I am NOT much of a business woman…. essentially what I am saying is that everyone, including myself talked a big talk when it came to our desires and dreams and goals, but when it came down to it, nobody was willing to put in the amount of work to make it sustainable. Showing up is half the battle. It was all about what YOU can come and contribute. And even though people continue to message me daily saying “I’m coming to class this week / when is your next event / how can I help support?” they have stopped showing up almost all together.

As much as I’d like to place blame on several individuals involved with the project who never contributed, who didn’t donate their time or resources…. in reality I can only blame myself. For not being a stronger leader; for not investing more time or energy, and for not inspiring more individuals collectively to keep this alive. I could/should/would have liked to do more. But I am only one person. I can only do so much.

No, I am not down on myself! In fact, I am more ecstatic than ever about the prospects of the future… I’m about to start hosting on SoulCypher’s internet radio show 5-styles, also I’m working with the budding American Roots Magazine with Little Class Records, and promoting an amazing new eye mascara ;) Did I mention there is the new album I’m working on? Time is a valuable thing, and I’m attempting to create more of it for myself by letting that which does not serve me go.

The lessons learned through the Vibe Tribe experience, lessons about community and organizing, have all been invaluable.

My idealistic side would still like to think that communal organizing and even living could be sustainable. I’ve always had a vision… living with my tribe. Growing food. Dancing and singing in the evenings by fire side. Cafes, plays and cabarets. I want it all… and I want to share it with the people who I love. My star family. As soul mates. Admittedly, naivety will always be my weakness. And for that I am grateful. One must be grateful for the experience, the journey, not necessarily the destination.

How can you support now? Well, if you know anybody looking for an art studio/production space, we are currently looking for somebody to take over the Vibe Tribe location and make it their own. Please contact me for details at sara.serendip@gmail.com.  We also could use your financial contribution to pay off the absorbent back-billed water bill that was just sprung upon us.  Please, if you can give, you will be appreciated!

I would like to formally THANK my boyfriend and love, Tim “Bring the Ruckus” Ruck for being such a rock star and supporter.  Thank you for your help, assistance, ambiance and unconditional love.  You have been more than on my side, and for that I am grateful.

And finally, LET ME KNOW your thoughts on communal living and working situations. The more you learn, the more you know what to expect, and I am never done learning!


No place like OM,


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