Poetics: Life Sentences

Life Sentences
Oh the bridges we burn when we speak out of turn….
There’s something to be said for the right timing of looking people in the eye.  Turn too fast or slow and you’ll miss the hello goodbye.
I was never one to be gun shy, and yes I’ve…
Done onto one what’s been done unto me.
walked away from love and made it look easy.
But no matter which side of the crawl you are on
both hearts still hurt even after they are done.
Nothing like knowing what you want, but not being able to have it
doing all the extra credit just so someone else can snag it
Allowing another to take all the wood you just collected
Putting all the pieces in the puzzle just to find out it’s defective
I wish…. that I could catch my tears, freeze them and make them into something beautiful.  An ice sculpture, to be proud of…. yes, that was my pain, and yes, it can become beautiful again.  It just takes time and focus and maybe a sharp knife to slice away the splinters that don’t belong.  I would give it to you.  So that you could hold my cold-hearted tears in  your hands and feel them disappear between your fingers.  You don’t deserve to keep them anyways.
I just want to could crawl into my hole on the dancefloor and dig it deep
Man made. Giving total permission to dance the night away freak out uninhibited.
Make it our mission to listen to the beat, as children we tap tap our feet.
sound times heat measuring history.
I wish I could tell you where it all began, and how it’s come to be, this mystery but there are no words to set us free so I guess it best to sweat heavy and let the dance floor be.
I want to represent my flag…
wear it on my arm like swag
proudly rep pressed with finesse
wear my share, on my vest … I digress hold it in,
instead of letting honor spin itself out into thin air,
with an oblivious grin like anyone really cares,
what i think of our governments affairs,
you got a better idea under there?
who’s ass needs covering up most?
Scared sometimes I get lost when I think of all the ghosts that haunt our past for a cause.  keeping it on the down low just because.  it’s a fascism statement.  and you can bet your spiderwebbed basement hasn’t seen the last of these revelations because the end is not a option.  life is written into the soft spot on our chest.. you can bet someone so on lock can’t be taken away to peacefully rest, so instead of wearing my flag on my sweater vest, i’ll put it away and let time test.
I wish you could see how big my heart is… I’ve worn it on my sleeve for years and now I’m seeing that may not be the safest place to keep it

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