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Upcoming Consciousness

KConsciousness.  What does that mean to you?   To ten poets in the KC area, it’s a way of life.  KConsciousness is a new SLAM poetry series featuring 10 of Kansas City’s best performance artists, taking you on a stream of consciousness evolution through the mind.  Exploring themes of race, time, revolution and rhyme, this is on experience to see over and over again.

KConsciousness at Westport Coffeehouse (4010 Pennsylvania)
Thursday, April 29th, 7:00 p.m.  $5 cover
Come early to get a cup of coffee before the show

KConscousness in Lawrence at The Jazzhaus
Thursday, May 13th 9:00 p.m  $4 cover
KC is ready to show Lawrence a thing or two about the art of the word

Performance Poets on the line-up are:

Stella the Dreamwalker
Professor Nightlife
Tyree T
Camiel Irving

Mz Angela Roux
Maybe Ivory
Taylor & Robert Brown
and Miss Conception tying it all togetha

Stay tuned for upcoming summer show include the FRINGE FESTIVAL

Be sure to get your tickets in advance to reserve a spot.  Contact Miss Conception for more information: (913) 634-6572  or at sara.serendip@gmail.com

Shabbat Shalom!

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