Gettin’ Silly

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This is how you make Taco Bell your bitch:  Nacho grande no meat sub rice… then I added my own spinach and avocado. And lots of HOT sauce. Judge all you want…. Taco Bell is delicious #owningit

photo (15)

And now, a silly poem for those who love food….  we’ll talk about being healthy later ;)


What’s cookin’ good lookin’
Are you the Apple of my eye ?
One a day keeps fruit strange
and then we hang it out to dry

It’s a slippery slope, already out sold
self served snack pack forget
what we’ve been told
It’s okay to have your cake – you better eat it too
but the icings crumbling
the cookies turned into goo

Chew on this
we are all so Thirsty for knowledge
Hunger pains
Weight gains makin grades during college

I’m sittin’ cool as a cucumber, with a sack of potatoes
flat as pancake, sweet as humble pie throwin’ tomatoes
the sky has opened up for business
the moons’ happy as a clam
pinch poke you owe a coke
I’ll catch you if I can

I can’t Dish it out if you don’t wanna take it
Finger food for thought we all gotta make it
When the dinner bell tolls, you best come quick
with a cherry on top, let it marinate thick

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree these days
and with eyes bigger than the stomach we’ve all become lazy
at this All you can eat buffet
bitten off more than what’s chewable
AND we’re still hungry looking funny
for a recipe that’s doable

Life’s not all it’s cracked up to be
cant elope tonight?  how about tomorrow morning
the yolks really on you at a sausage fest
hot tamale, my egg’s fried,
it’s made quite a big mess
making all these lemons into lemonade
proof is in the pudding
when you’re throwing Gatorade

I can’t dish it out if you don’t wanna take it
Finger food for thought we all gotta make it
When the dinner bell tolls, you best come quick
with a cherry on top, let it marinate thick

Matt Diamond Photography Interview

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Matt Diamond Photography Interview

Blogging is all about shameless cross promotion…. so I want to extend a sincere thank you to my friend Matt Diamond, photographer, writer and all around artist.  Check out the wonderfully kind article he compiled on MissConception’s work and vision.   With humble gratitude, I thank you for seeing the vision and carrying out spirit’s will, with your words and your photography work!

You can find more of his work, or contact him for booking a photoshoot at:


Job Opps for the Anonymous

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Imagine this: Center stage.  All eyes on you. You are not able to make any eye with your audience.  It’s a cold, stark room and only the sound of pencils scratching can be heard.  White walls with harsh light echo a mini space heater that blows vapid air upon your legs; an attempt to keep warm.  An old man stands in the corner gazing intently upon the classroom, while 30 art students attempt blindly to transmit what they see onto paper.  And you are completely naked.  

It sounds a bit like a nightmare.  A narcissist’s dream, perhaps?  For three hours, you, the model, are wide open on a stage, and while shame is not allowed in an art class, for the models, every single pimple and bruise and ingrown hair is almost audible.  

For Sasha*, “it’s actually the MOST interesting job I’ve ever had, hands down,” she says.  Let’s lay it all out on the table….

Everyday, Sasha leave work feeling refreshed, stimulated and physically confident.  “Bathed, lotioned, and as pristine as possible, this position forces me to take care of my body.”  Yoga, diet and healthy living should all be priorities in our lives, and modeling, certainly helps keep one even more accountable.  

Posing as an art model for KC Art Institute students has furthered Sasha’s mission in life (as a muse) with this unexpected part-time job position.  As an artist, dancer and model herself, Sasha considered a lot of options when looking for a part time job.  Making ends meet was getting tight.  Sitting behind a desk = not an option.  Stripping?  Not really her ethical background.  “Gotta pay the bills somehow… and I refuse to compromise my own art for the sake of others.  So I decided to model,” Sasha says, nonchalantly.   

And with that decision came something unexpected: time.   A resource Sasha never knew she desired so intensely.  Three hour sessions give her time to confront her own insecurities, for one, while providing a chance for art students to brush up on their life drawing skills. This position also offers her, an endless variety of invaluable opportunities she did not foresee.  

Opportunities to not only become a ‘prop’ for the art institute, but to be a symbol.  An image.  A vision.  An icon even?  (#AndyWarhol)  Meanwhile, the internal opportunities to grow as an artist are endless. All the while, combatting this pull of the narcissist vs. the muse.  

Narcissism.  A term that originated with name of a Greek Hunter, Narcissus (meaning sleep or numbness) in Greek mythology.  Narcissus fell in love with his own image he saw reflected in a pool of water, and the ego was born.  Currently the word is used to describe the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one’s own physical/mental attributes.  

Continuing along the methodology of the Greeks, the Muses were nine goddesses who symbolized the arts and sciences.  They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths.  Today, a muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration.  As a verb, to muse is to consider something thoughtfully. As a noun, it means a person — especially a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration.  So what does a muse and a narcissist have in common, if anything?  And what would inspire someone to get up naked in front of people for extended periods of time?  Is the battle of the ego really the battle of a narcissist vs the muse, inside our heads?   Or are the two mutually exclusive?  

This is the sort of existential internal dialogue Sasha weighs in her head during a typical day at work.  To think, or not to think, is really the question when it comes to this profession.  “If you think too much, your purpose loses its rush when it comes to being a muse,” Sasha says.  “You have to just let go, and let it flow, like with any art.”  

So what does one do with three hours, naked, on a platform in front of artists in training?  Well for starters, “I begin with yoga poses.  Stretch it out a bit,” She says.  She tries to move as much as possible during the one-minute gesture drawings that typically start off the sessions.  As the longer poses take hold, so begins the internal dialogue, taking note of every part of the body and how open it feels to be so comfortable, so naked in such a space. Observing the room (without making eye contact with students…a big no-no).    

“Sometimes I try to remember detailed memories of my past.  Usually, I spend a good 40 minutes singing Hindu and Buddhist Kirtan chants.   Meditation and breathing exercises are key.  I daydream of my lover, process events from the week, send prayers to my friends and family and focus on what I want my life to look like as an artist – the manifestation of my dreams.”  She describes this time as “sacred”.    

Staying still is not one bit as easy at it seems, for the mind or the body.  The ego screams “Why DO you feel the need to be naked in front of people in such a fashion?  Is this worth $15 an hour?  What WOULD your mother say?”  Meanwhile the inner muse allows for the greatest inner peace to take over, so the real work can begin: the work of meditation, observation, peace and artistic production, which is now flowing both ways. “I am an object and a symbol,” Sasha says, “along with a ‘goddess’ who is being documented in her purest form.  I am wide open and the creative energy is abundant!”   

It is sacred space.  Invigorating.  A time to cherish.  As an artist herself, to further the art of others whilst meditating and bettering her own morale, there is no greater gift to give for Sasha.  She is a muse.  For the students, and for herself.


Saraswati Album Release 3/15

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Guess what BLOGGERS?  Since YOU are interested in me, I am interested in releasing my album to you FIRST!  It is now available on Bandcamp (though not announced publicly) for you to download, FOR FREE, to soak in, and even give me some feedback if you’d like!   ENJOY!Image

Listen to it, and if you love it and think it’s worth something, SEND IT TO SOMEONE ELSE.  Maybe you even think it’s worth something, and donate a few dollars.  Every share and every dollar count.  This is a movement.  Creating understanding and asking questions.  And it starts with music.

When was the last time you listened to an album all the way through from start to finish?  Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? (three times in a row with the wizard of oz?)  Was it the Grey Album by Dr Dre?  Or maybe…..

I’ve always been so fascinated by conceptual works of art, pun intended.  Concepts and missed concepts and misconceptions abound, and sometimes things so serendipitously come together, you’re not even sure it really happened at first.  It’s happening to you.  And turning you on in a way you never felt possible.

And that’s what I want this new album release to do for the listener.  To start them on a journey of thinking, and spin them out into infinity and back again feeling stronger and more beautiful every second.   Planting, seeding, sewing, dreaming up new schemes.

So imagine that,  you know nothing.  You sit down, and you have no idea where it’s about to take you.  All you know, is that it starts with this Goddess, Saraswati.  Who is the Hundi entity of knowledge, sound, creativity and song.  And you push play.

The first track, Saraswati, explains this divine image’s work within the Hindu construct, and is a continuous channel for this divine energy to come through and shine.  It is, whatever you make it to be.  We should all embrace our inner diva goddess and celebrate our divinity.  Saraswati gives us permission to be wildly creative, and enjoyably odd in our own skin.  Embrace it.  Ole!

The 2nd Track, along with the 3 other Charlie/Chuckey/Charles Bradley interludes mixed by Purusa, represent the reverse-commercial interludes of the album. Creating space for one to not be overridden by messages, but to process that which has been put forth.  Today’s Bradley mix is being brought to you by the letter Q, as in Quinly.  Pay attention.  They fly by pretty quickly these days, those moments of clarity.

Bringing us to Track 3, All on Black – A dustup cover of Alkaline Trio’s song done to an Evil Bastards glitch hop track.  We’ve been in a dark dark place.  Not everything is pretty.  Moderation is key.  And sometimes, the Pheonix must die to be risen again brand new from the ashes…. like the shedding of our skin …. we are all brand new every day, and we have all killed off parts of ourselves that no longer served our highest good.

Track 4 – Fast Forward Rewind – an sharp Ode to generation overdose.  Matters not to be taken lightly…. but sung about with great conviction, and destitute. This song began as a tribute to a young man who didn’t know how much he had to offer, like so many of us troubleshoot daily.  You are special.  What you do matters.  This song in the album is where we admit to what has not been working in the past, and commit to not ignoring it in the future. Dealing with your shit, from way back in the day if you need to, so you can move forward with a clean consciousness and resolute attitude.

Scary Tale is a transcendental reminder of the darker sides of even brighter lights…. beginning with our childhood and moving into our sexuality, this combined spoken word piece gives us permission to be empowered.  To be open.  To be FREE.  No matter your age or shoe size.  Or chest size.  This song is a cultural examination of the path that led us so far down this rabbit hole in the first place…. from advertising cartoons to childhood ruins, as we grow up and out, we grow to understand that our environment plays such a huge part in how we are sharped today, individually and collectively.

Left Turn – the AH HA moment of the compilation.  Our Day of Atonement has arrived.  Every day can be a day of atonement, with its own attitude and charm.  This particular track is a freestyle piece that is often sung differently every time.  It’s general theme is about owning your power and freedom, and not being afraid to proclaim “this is what I’m here to do!”  So mote it be.

ReVerb turns us onto the beauty of wordplay poetica, a sample remixed from a Charles Bradley tune.   If I was a reverb, I’d spin in absurd days, and play disturbed games, mostly on thursdays….  This song serves as an attempt to reintroduce myself, as not only the misconception you thought you knew, .  I am not limited to one specific thing.  I am you.  I am consciousness. You are Sara Glass.  We can channel Saraswati, should we choose to.  We can do WHATEVER we want to!  (Always with love)

Holy Days – So what does it mean to have a holy day, and honor it?  Full moon gatherings and solstices are coming on strong.  Mercury Retrograde getting along.  Taking us to the Insomniac Olympics, our focal point and climax of the album.  Here, is where we stop, and really observe, just what is going on.  God is a Verb, that’s just what I heard.  And we all have a story to tell…

Devil’s Soul moves into just what embarking on such sacraments can lead to…. lust and love and all of the above.   And somewhere down the rabbit hole, let it Beatles take you back over the rainbow to an ending of unique proportions.  One of the first things I wrote as a young writer in college, was my Eulogy.  I’d like to dedicate this album, to the man who will read it someday.

NamastE.  And THANK YOU for listening.  Now please, GO, share it with someone else!   Keep the message alive…

“I believe in true love, in free love and equality for everyone inside that love.  I believe. In the power.  Of Love”

Rules for Writing from the Heart

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Begin with intention.

Be brutality honest.

Always surround a harsh reality with two soft spots.

Trust your gut instincts.

Don’t be afraid to edit as you process.

Agree to disagree.

Question yourself.

Keep it short and sweet.

Admit when you’re wrong.

Take nothing personally.

Always with love.




The time has come…. to eat your heart out [loud]

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Our whole lives, I feel as though we’ve been waiting.  Waiting for something to happen.  This sense of…. urgency or pending doom.  Waiting for the next big natural disaster; or for the next fatal diagnosis.  Waiting for the next Michael Jackson, or JFK to appear on the scene and then disappear just as suddenly.   Waiting for future weapons of mass destruction to be released, or for marjuana to be legalized.  Or the unexpected suicidial tendencies people find themselves in.  Whichever side of the world you’re on, you’re waiting for something un certain, and any minute your paradigm could shift.

So what is that ONE thing that YOU are waiting for?  Once identified, then we must ask ourselves “are we fighting for it”.  While I hate to use the word fighting, we will substitute “working”.  What are you WORKING towards, so that the world can be a better place for  the future generations?  Some pick a small cause, and help non profits of choice raise tax-exempt funds for specific organizations.  Some people rally politically, writing letters to senators or marching on steps.  Some people settle apathetically for complacency, assuming the world will never change, and we should just enjoy the state it’s in while we can.  But I refuse to sit by complacently.

Me, I’ve always been an optimist.  I’ve always had high hopes for my life – our life.  This life.  Life is a gift, and every moment of joy is not to be taken for granted.  If you were given the opportunity to make someone’s day better, would you take it?  If you knew that SOMEHOW, by making others feel better, you TOO would feel better, as a person.   Spreading hope for humanity.  If every person on this earth’s mission was to turn to their neighbor, and make them smile, or offer them a hand when they need it …..  I can only imagine what this world would look like.

And I do imagine.  Every day.  Wondering “WHAT IS IT THAT WE ARE WAITING FOR?”.  Why can’t we have it NOW?   Why CAN’T the government put an end to war and violence?  Why can’t corporations decide to FEED people rather than take from their customers and deplete resources.  Why CAN’T there be a DEMAND for high quality food and water that makes us healthier and holier rather than sick.  There is a line to be drawn, a line stating what the people will allow, and what standards we will simply refuse to live with.

Most days I wonder, what is it we are waiting for?  And I have to remind myself…. we are WAITING for OURSELVES to step up and stand up for the causes we believe in.  To be the people we KNOW we are capable of being.  To continue this forward profession as a group of humans; whatever your community.  To start a movement that will transcend time and space and common sense.  To declare love and freedom and free food and free healthcare is for all free men on earth.  To demand a sense of unity and RESPECT for all living creatures, that works both ways.

And I will not sit by quietly until we are ALL on the same page.  You don’t have to like everyone you know, or every decision.  But we do have to realize at some point that we are all human, and we are all stuck on this planet, so we better start with some respect.

I propose a campaign, one of a simple regime: Random acts of kindness.  Let your life surround around that.   And eat your heart out.  What’s next?

Love all ways,


Hair Peice

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How about that… two blog post in one week.  That’s what you get if you’re paying attention :)  

Poetry, is often defined as “the art of paying attention” – Mark Hennessy.

I think of myself as a poet above all other art forms.  As writers, we pay attention to the world around us, streamline it into a concept comprehendible, we pay attention to our audience while delivering and the hardest job of all falls on the audience, who must pay attention to our words and perspective in order to enjoy the work in its entirety.  It’s really a beautiful process, the act of writing.  Sometimes I wake up and think “I should write a BOOK!” But then I remember this blog….and think “what Ferlinghetti or Bukowski wouldn’t GIVE to have such immediate access to the ‘masses’”…. and I carry on with dignity.  Instant gratification. Read it and weep, or carry on as if nothing happened.  Either way, my job here is on it’s way (and never done).  

Story: So last night, I decided to proceed with my 6th month ritual of dying my hair with henna.  It’s a beautiful indian powder that dies skin (and hair) a reddish brown.  It also makes the hair thicker, stronger and more secure, so I don’t worry too much about breakage and damage.  It’s something sacred I feel that connects me to ancestors of the past, and I look forward to the lengthy process.



First I mix the henna with water, lemon juice and essential oils the night before.  I let it sit about 24 hours in the fridge before applying to my hair.  Usually, the application is very tricky because this stuff is highly prone to dying whatever it is touching.  So you either work fast with your hands, or you glove up and hope for the best.  


After messing with the gloves for a few minutes during the initial application, I was not being as successful as I had hoped.  The gloves are slick and I have little control… when it dawned on me “our ancestors didn’t have plastic gloves for protection, hell no”.  So I lost the gloves and dove in with my fingers, spreading the thick dark green paste all over my head as quickly and delicately as possible.  It only took about 10 minutes once de-gloved, and it was a much easier process.  

Washing my hands after applying, I noticed they were already stained a bit orange!  “Uh oh…. this isn’t going to look well at Hebrew school on Wednesday”, I thought.  (I was tempted to draw a third eye with the henna, but the fact that I teach Hebrew to middle schools on Wednesday kept me from having to explain myself).  


Now, looking down at my orange hands brought me back to a time in my 3rd grade classroom, sitting next to a young Indian woman named Sasha Kaun.  She wore the full Indian head covers and burkas, and she always smelled a bit odd (for 3rd grade).  One day, I remember she came to school with bright orange hands!  It looked as if she’d taken a highlighter to her hands and colored them all in!  It was somewhat distracting and when the teacher noticed, she yelled at her, insisting she go scrub it off immediately.  

I remember Sasha crying, and trying to mumble in her broken english that it was a religious thing, and that she had been playing with dye.   Henna.  I couldn’t fathom at the time what on earth she was talking about, but I understood for the first time that some people come from VERY different places, and that looking at each other’s lives from a different perspective can be something to treasure, not something to chastise.  What if the teacher had taken that opportunity to explain to the class what the art of henna was, and how it might be used by different cultures.  The opportunity was missed, but not lost for those of us paying attention.  Years later, I understand, and I wish I could find my school aged friend and tell her how much respect I have for her.  For not being afraid to wear her culture on her skin.

I haven’t thought about that day in elementary school for many years, but looking at my own orange hands, I felt somehow so connected to a place so far away from me.  And we humans are so quick to judge…  we don’t understand, so we think others are WRONG, instead of asking questions of compassion and unconditional love. 


The next time a poet is brave enough to lay their heart up on a stage, whether or not the delivery is on par, or the content is familiar, I ask you to try and look at it is an opportunity.  A three-minute opportunity to go into a place you may NEVER fully know, and to appreciate concepts you may never again have the chance to comprehend.  Our consciousness is expanding as quickly as our internet speeds, so enjoy as much of it as possible. 

If you ever want to dye your hair au natural with henna…. You can buy some at It’s a Beautiful Day 39th and Broadway :)  Recipes are available online.  It’s a nice change of pace! 

**WARNING – never dye your hair with henna if you have other color or bleach on it… the two do NOT mix.  Your hair MUST be natural for it to work***

I’ll leave you with a bit of spoken word…. my Hair Piece:


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