Moon Time….

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I recently posted an article about the affects of the “October Harvest Blood Full Moon Eclipse”, and was met with some serious backlash. While there are MANY practices and customs that I do not follow or believe apply to me personally, I think it very important to try not to judge others on what works for them.

My innocent post to shed some enlightenment on my fellow face bookers, turned into a blood brawl… no wonder our country is in dismay, we can’t even agree to disagree about spirituality.

This man had a rather bitter disposition…. Justin Case writes:
“Dafuq did I just read??? Are you shitting me with this astrology bs? You all do this just for fun right? To honestly think the position of planets and stars has some kind of influence on your life? You all need to go back to high school, or should I say…. Go to school. Wow. Talk about the dumbing down of America. Because I really feel this kind of science illiteracy is incredibly damaging to the human race. It thwarts progression, research, and discovery. It hinders the future of our children by suppressing their understanding of how the world works, and leads them astray chasing fantasy, instead of working to progress the human condition. And I’d be willing to bet you all go on to condemn people who believe in religion huh???”

WOW. Stricken with confusion as to WHY somebody would be so MAD about such a post….. It’s astrology. Are you petitioning to have it taken out of the newspaper? “STOP ALL THE PRESSES, the gypsies are at it again”. I’ve never understood such radicalism, no matter which way you go.

My response initially:

“Justin, it just blows my mind that you call it nonsense. It IS physics. The locations of these powerful planets affect the quantum’s and other physical properties of the very basic ways our bodies work. Gravitational pull and ‘retrogrades’ can very strongly effect our PHYSICAL bodies, which in turn can affect our emotional states. You can get as wishy washy with it was you want, or not…. take everything with a grain of salt, especially spirituality, but there is no room for hatred!

I don’t get for one second why ANYBODY would worship JESUS, but I don’t chastise those who do. What works for you, WORKS FOR YOU. Astrology is deeply seeded in countless ancient religions and cultures, including Christianity (ever seen Zeitgiest?), the Hebrew Kabbalah and with the ancient Egyptians for starters. Astrology may or may not be 100% ACCURATE, but it is INTERESTING which is why I read it when it’s in front of my face and don’t go out of my way to seek it out when it’s not. People have used the moon cycles and planets for YEARS to REMIND ourselves to set intention, to celebrate with our communities, to pray (for our own mindsets, not because it necessarily changes anything other than ourselves, which is the whole POINT of self-actualization). We are striving to manifest our own destinies, because yes that is possible, but you have to BELIEVE it is possible for it to work. If you don’t believe in magic you will never see it, and that is a sad life to live.”

I am wounding if he even read the article, which states that “Freedom seems to be the theme of this eclipse, and that love is taboo and hidden”.

Maybe his backlash is just the anger and frustration that Justin has with his own self and understanding; perhaps his struggle to be free starts with condemning others? So often FEAR is used to control the masses right under our noses. Anybody who has that much anger for something that is doing no wrong is clearly hiding from love and living in fear.

The Darkastrology articles also states: “Maybe lovers have been forced into hiding because they are unacceptable to society or the couples parents. I think this eclipse will allow them to able to come out into the open and they will be liberated by the Alpheratz/Uranian Moon.”

Now to be clear, I post information about full moons and new moon gatherings and such because I think it is IMPORTANT to come together as a community and celebrate life. I don’t care how you pray, or if you don’t pray. You probably still THINK about what you want your future to look like, in some fashion. Why not do it together, with intention, without judgement, and with compassion?

This anti-everything kind of mentality is what is holding our whole universe back from success. We could all just agree to disagree… I mean, isn’t that kind of what is happening with prohibition? Some states want marijuana legalized, and have done so, hence those like-minded individuals are moving to those areas of the country to fit their needs. Nobody is forcing ANYBODY to believe in marijuana legalization, or astrology, or Jesus (at least not in MY church, nobody is FORCING thought), but we need not chastise each other for believing differently when it’s doing no harm. Innocent people are being killed in Africa due to genocide and warfare… go pick on THOSE problems. Leave my astrology alone, for God’s sake! Like minds tend to stick together… maybe Justin would fit right in with that culture? (And I mean that with all do respect… you have to completely understand a problem in order to solve it or make change).

Point of clarification: I would consider myself a skeptic from the get go. I don’t believe it unless I see it. I’ve seen a LIFETIME full of MAGIC to know that it only exists if you want it to…like a placebo effect. Ie: If you take a pill and hallucinate, are those hallucinations real, or false since you took a drug to induce what was just in your mind? Again, these concepts are ONLY as real as you allow them to be.

Astrology is really a bunch of words on a page about the heavens above that some (likely) intelligent individual decided to over-analyze, and it’s EXCITING to me that it might actually offer some positive guidance and assistance towards being a better person… certainly more guidance and clarity than Justin has offered in his closed minded rant about intelligence. Solar flairs are REAL and a heads-up that one is on it’s way due to a retrograde can’t HURT anything other than allow me to keep my guard up and eyes open wide. It can only, at best, provide some sense of clarity in this psychotic world of confusion.

And yes, you can spout science all day…. but we don’t even know HOW a seed grows. We just know it GROWS. And it grows better when the sun is in a particular part of the solar system for specific places on earth. This Blood Moon serves as a time representing HARVEST, preparing for winter, and going inward to hibernate.

For the record, “eclipses come around every six months to shake us down, wake us up and offer us the gift of seeing our lives more clearly. We are graced with two this month. The first is a total lunar (meaning it occurs on a full Moon) eclipse in Aries on October 8th, and the next is a partial solar eclipse (meaning it occurs on a new Moon) in Scorpio on October 23rd.” says: If there are things in your life that you are hanging onto merely for comfort, security and/or to numb the pain, you’ll want to use this Moon to reconsider how the cost might outweigh the benefit. Let go. And ask yourself: What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? (If the answer is “nothing”, you have some brainstorming to do.) What makes you feel most yourself? How can you get more of that into your life?

We should ALL be asking ourselves such self-actualized questions, whether they are coming from your Guru, from a blog post, or an astrological website. BE THE BEST YOU YOU CAN BE. And do it YOUR WAY, because I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.

Judge me if you want to; meanwhile, I’m trying REAL hard not to judge you. Yes, we are all human.




A poem for the Harvest lune:

The moon
Rises and sets
Over our regrets,
Pondering its own
Destined dichotomy.

Energy ebbs and flows
Light going where darkness goes
Traversing at its own risk,

And sometimes
In the darkest of night
As we trip and fall over shadows
Not always tangible,
but still more than real

The down spin
Becomes the propellant
To rising higher
Than before in the sky
To meet the moon’s gaze.

So step lightly
On your path to enlightenment…

Be it the moon or some other lumination guiding your way,
May the shadows
always keep us safe.


An Open Letter to Phases of the Moon,

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Dear Phases,

My, my, what a precedent you have set for yourself, Danville!! Did you know what you were getting into when you invited 20,000 of the country’s most magical hippies to invade your land? You had big shoes to fill with Electric Forrest just around the river bend, and you delivered, in my eyes. You had the lineup of Coachella, the wacky energy of Wakarusa, the art sculptures of Burning man (literally) AND the lines of Bonaroo. Congratulations! So where do we go from here?

How do you manage to outdo yourself when working on such a mass scale? As a seasoned festival goer for over a decade now, I pride myself on the festivals I attend and how I participate. From working on the art team, to gracing the stage with my own performance arts troupe and DJ, I’ve seen many sides to the festival circuit. This time, I decided to join your volunteer forces at Phases of the Moon, and it was a humbling experience, to say the least. Nothing like picking up hippies’ trash to remind you how human you are. But everyone who we passed was SO grateful for the green team, and it was a great sight to see such a clean land, and a conscious group of people.

Consciousness. The new evolution of festival goers. Are we conscious or not? Are we really leaving no trace? Does anyone really even care? It always seems nobody really knows what time it is to even make the chakra cleansing workshop at the sanctuary, so do we leave it all up to chance, instead? To fly by the seat of one’s pants, or to listen to the people… which inevitably is twice as much work.

I’ve got to hand it to the Phases of the Moon planning committee, your attention to the artistic detail was out of this world. You may not have had security in place where they needed to be, but the live flowers placed strategically all over the festival were a super nice touch. You could tell the people who planned it really had a vision and weren’t going to settle for less than that artistic vibe they were going for, even if it went over budget. All in all, ya’ll did real good from an artists point of view. (You had me at Alex and Alyson Grey).

Things to keep in mind for next year:
Trust your security. Prepare them for what lies ahead.

Allow your volunteers to take a more active role in deciding what needs to be addressed (i.e.: They stuck us out in family camping to pick up trash, when gathering the cigarette butts in the main stage would have been far more productive)

Light the bonfire DURING the actual music, and closer to the stages so people can keep warm and utilize the heat during the headliners.

Have digital clocks stationed around the festival (maybe near the schedules) so that people do know what time it is.

Lastly, stating the obvious, let your people come in and set up CAMP as early as Wednesday if they desire. You don’t have to open up the main venue right away, but you already know, the flow of traffic left something to be desired.

To sum up, I’ve still got blisters on my toes, snot in my noes, scratches I don’t remember and some serious sunburned lips, but it was all worth it. I’ll be back next year, if you’ll have me, and I’d love to continue as a part of your team. You have the vision, you just need the visionaries to help you implement. Every festival should be looking to you as a model for how to coexist with the locals and seasoned festival goers. Touché

Until we meet again,


One bite at a time

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How do you eat an elephant?

Step one is irrelevant
in the process of enlightening:
if you’ve already QUIT
Not joking, wherever you’re at, put it down,
decide right now you are a non smoker, be proud,
“We don’t need a crutch to stand up…”   had enough? That’s whats up…
So what if you’ve already quit? Well congrats, but that’s not it.
See what you put into your body is up to nobody but you.

Step Two.

Step two up the stairway to enlightenment, is right nourishment.  You are what you eat.  If you eat crap, no wonder you hurt like that it’s a fact your body is on a track and what biology you attract says a lot about what goes in must come out   (you see)

Step three.  See.  Look me in the eye and do you.    What are you here to do?  I’m to have fun in this moment under our sun.  There’s something for everyone.  We’ve only just begun.  And at the same sign we already won.  We are all one, once more

Step Four – it’s for sure, The earth is our home, since before Mother Earth was born; now not alone, we  rest on her throne.  We are the chosen ones, sons of daughters of the sun turned to man, here to defend our own acre of land.  Do all we can to work hand-in-hand with the soul of earth’s llifespan.  Trust in the divine plan.  And take care of the sand, fire, water and air so that we can all dare

to survive.

Step five – Take care of your tribe.  Migrate if needed. But to stay alive you’re better stickin’ together, believin that the weather can change on the back of a feather.  So plant your roots deep and let  the grounds reap the rewards. Of course

 Find time to escape, but don’t let your mind trick.  Step six  – say it like you see… when you see me, smile and sing, because we are alive and free, to know what we know when we see what we say and if we disagree?  We can agree to look away and be on our own pathway to step seven

Heaven – is a place we’ve not yet known.  At least not in this lifetime but in the past we’ve shown it feels a lot like home …  we can’t fight about where we are growin’, or where we’ve been.   But knowing Each day is a chance to start over again.  From scratch.   A train to catch.  To be who you need to be. Actually, Free to move and believe and wear a bindi or do whatever, I think our clever parents called it free speech, and we’re taking it back making hiphophulahoophistory you with me or is the path still a mystery

Cuz let me remind thee, for those of us who are not yet ready to be so free.

Step one is to, quit blowing smoke, no joke…. it is wrote.

So how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time…

half the time step one is irrelevant, but

all it takes is time.


Riddle me this….

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“Wise folks count their blessings fools count their problems”
-Michael Franti

I’ve learned some things recently about pain. When you hurt someone, you, too, will hurt equally as much in return. Maybe directly. Maybe indirectly. Maybe totally unaffiliated. Maybe not even in this lifetime. All in due time, with each kind. Pain is very real and contagious.

So what happens when we hurt ourselves? When we knowingly ingest poison in the moment, knowing the consequences of the long run. When we stay, because it also hurts to go. When we put ourselves down and can no longer hold anyone else up. Does pain cancel itself out when it’s self inflicted?

It seems
the age is dark
for the mind and the heart
the patterns we weave
are clouded by the air we breath
and the sews we reap
don’t always grow from the seeds we seeped

My good friend Auset said it best just yesterday: It’s like we have all the tools and codes. We just have forgotten how to use then. And I don’t claim to know any right answers by any means. But I do know that the answers tend to come when the right questions are asked.

So what’s your burning question? Answer me!

Teach others by first teaching yourself. And perhaps in those teachings lies the collective power to lift the dark clouds. Drown out our teared fears in a garden of truth so that fountains of quests become ionic. Fragments of ingenuity, sewn into the fabric of our spirits.

We must be free with knowledge! Free with spirit. Free with creativity. Free from power. And poverty. And political lunacy. We must be free to count our blessings.

“Do it with intention. Not obligation” – Yogi

Miss Conception

Wakarusa Interactive Artists

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MissConception and the VibeTribe are SUPER excited to be orchestrating and and participating in this year’s live artists at Wakarusa. Look for the festivities on Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas June 5-8. We will be bringing you live artists all around the festival and on the Great Wall of Waka! Workshops including yoga, hoop dance, meditation, movement, spirit animals and more all weekend in the main stage and outpost tent! Fire dancing, art installations, stilt walking artists, clowns, magicians, open mics, and all the magic to be made shall be brought during this epic weekend.

For more information on the interactive art, visit:

You can still by tickets here:

See you on the mountain!


Waka Artist 2014 LIVE

Songwriter Swap at The Tank Room

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Featuring Prim-1, MissConception & Professor Nightlife Jones. We took this opportunity in downtown KC on a Thursday night to show off our wordplay skills. This is the entire 1 hour and 45 minute set of passing the mic back and forth and just seeing what unfolds. So much magic can happen if you don’t try and control it. ENJOY the show from home folks!

You can catch different artists at the Song Writers Swap, hosted by Damon Bailey, every Thursday night, 9 to midnight at The Tank Room on 18th and Grand.

You can catch MissConception and the crew back at The Tank Room on Friday, July 25th.


Gettin’ Silly

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This is how you make Taco Bell your bitch:  Nacho grande no meat sub rice… then I added my own spinach and avocado. And lots of HOT sauce. Judge all you want…. Taco Bell is delicious #owningit

photo (15)

And now, a silly poem for those who love food….  we’ll talk about being healthy later ;)


What’s cookin’ good lookin’
Are you the Apple of my eye ?
One a day keeps fruit strange
and then we hang it out to dry

It’s a slippery slope, already out sold
self served snack pack forget
what we’ve been told
It’s okay to have your cake – you better eat it too
but the icings crumbling
the cookies turned into goo

Chew on this
we are all so Thirsty for knowledge
Hunger pains
Weight gains makin grades during college

I’m sittin’ cool as a cucumber, with a sack of potatoes
flat as pancake, sweet as humble pie throwin’ tomatoes
the sky has opened up for business
the moons’ happy as a clam
pinch poke you owe a coke
I’ll catch you if I can

I can’t Dish it out if you don’t wanna take it
Finger food for thought we all gotta make it
When the dinner bell tolls, you best come quick
with a cherry on top, let it marinate thick

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree these days
and with eyes bigger than the stomach we’ve all become lazy
at this All you can eat buffet
bitten off more than what’s chewable
AND we’re still hungry looking funny
for a recipe that’s doable

Life’s not all it’s cracked up to be
cant elope tonight?  how about tomorrow morning
the yolks really on you at a sausage fest
hot tamale, my egg’s fried,
it’s made quite a big mess
making all these lemons into lemonade
proof is in the pudding
when you’re throwing Gatorade

I can’t dish it out if you don’t wanna take it
Finger food for thought we all gotta make it
When the dinner bell tolls, you best come quick
with a cherry on top, let it marinate thick


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